Your Golden Triangle of Turkey Tour

golden triangle of Turkey tour

The Golden Triangle of Turkey Tour offers amazing vacation experiences along the fascinating and beautiful Turkish Shore, in addition to Mediterranean Sea and the historical Black Sea. These are destinations that are regarded as some of the finest in Europe. At Thrace, the archaeological sites of Ephesus and the ancient city of Troy attract many visitors while in the heart of Turkey, the beauty of the beaches and the wonderful atmosphere draw people for the more serene atmosphere. In the northern region, the landscape is very attractive with the peaks of the Alps and the pine forests, while the historic city of Kinaliada and the other historical cities of Mardinci, Sienna and Burgazada, all offer unique experiences to tourists.

For the final visit of this Golden Triangle of Turkey Tour, one should not miss the final visit to the captivating Bosphorus Bridge, on the way to Marmaris. This is a very nice local eatery where tourists can enjoy their meals in tranquility and serenity. The Bosphorus Bridge is also known as the “blue bridge of Asia.” Here tourists can take a gondola ride over the Bosphorus River, enjoying the marvelous view of Marmaris and Adana. The most accessible point from the Golden Triangle of Turkey Tourist Accommodations is Marmaris, with easy access by sea or land. Other points of interest in the vicinity of Marmaris are the seaside resort of Kinaliada, the archaeological site of Hristos, the village of Fethiye and the modern town of Marmaris.

Another popular activity along the Golden Triangle of Turkey Tour is a trip to Pamukkale. Pamukkale is an old market place where one can find different types of fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, handicrafts and jewelry. It has been a place for the last 2020 years, serving the necessities of the local population. On your private transfer to Pamukkale you will have the opportunity to take a nice local lunch consisting of kebabs, talli and other traditional Turkish delicacies.

The last stop of your tour in the Golden Triangle of Turkey Tour is Istanbul, the heart of Turkey. The beautiful Beykohe Island is an ideal place for an afternoon nap on your private transfer from Marmaris. After having a nice rest at the famous Sintour Beach of Istanbul, you may visit the world famous Istanbul Golden Square or the world famous Blue Mosque.

On your return trip you should take a boat cruise to the Cappadocia. Situated in the region of Black Sea, Cappadocia is the most important tourist attraction of Turkey. It is a small region, but rich in culture, history and traditions. Its beaches contain white sandy beaches that are ideal for relaxing and rejuvenating on your own private transfer from Marmaris to Cappadocia. The region also has its unique and picturesque resorts and hotels that you can choose from, during your stay in any of them.

The Golden Triangle of Turkey Tour makes an excellent holiday package that includes the leading attractions of Turkey such as Marmaris and Istanbul. In addition, phosphorus cruises make a very interesting way of touring the region of Turkey. Travel on a cruise ship that docks at various phosphorus islands that are scattered around the region of Turkey. At the end of the day, you can enjoy the waters of the Bosphorus and experience the unique Turkish hospitality that you get from the local people.