What to Look For in Employee Safety Devices

Employee safety devices are a useful tool for keeping lone workers safe, as they can help them summon assistance if they become threatened, witness inappropriate behavior or suffer an accident or medical emergency. These devices are also helpful when a lone worker is in contact with someone else who needs assistance, as they can call for help without leaving the person they are speaking to alone.

There are a variety of employee safety devices, some of which have been designed specifically for use by lone workers and others that are used across many different industries. Some of these devices are worn, while others are mobile phone based.

Wearable Personal Safety Devices

These types of safety devices are typically small and lightweight, allowing them to be concealed in an employee’s pocket or bag. They often feature a push button that can be pressed in an emergency, with the button linked to a wider network of receivers that can be used to call for help.

The best lone worker safety devices feature a high-quality speaker, so that the call for help will be heard even in low signal areas. They also need to support a self-healing network so that the signal can keep going in the event of a power failure or other issue.

Bluetooth-Enabled Panic Button System

These systems typically combine a mobile phone app and a remote device that can be carried by the user in order to trigger an alert for help. They usually have a button on the mobile app that can be pressed to summon help, and they often have a location map that can be seen by other employees.

They can also be equipped with a GPS tracker and fall detection.

The most important feature of any lone worker safety device is that it allows the employee to summon help quickly in an emergency. This means that it should be easy to operate and should be connected to a reliable network.

Another important feature is that it should be compatible with the employees’ existing phones. This is so that they can make use of their existing apps and services, without requiring the employer to purchase new phones for their workers.

Other features that are worth looking for include a range of options, such as text messages and hourly phone calls, as well as the ability to trigger an emergency call with one button press. These functions are especially important if a lone worker is in an isolated area, as they may be unable to activate their own panic button or other emergency communication mechanism.

Employees that feel confident about their job safety and their employers’ attention to the situation are more likely to stick with the company. This is a good way to increase productivity and profitability in the long run.

Respiratory Protection Equipment

Breathing apparatus is essential for employees who are constantly exposed to dangerous materials that can be inhaled, such as chemicals or fumes. These devices can be as simple as a mask with filters or as complicated as a full breathing system with an oxygen tank attached.