What To Expect When Working At Indianapolis Pediatrics

Indianapolis pediatrics

“I recently visited Indianapolis Pediatrics Surgery to check out the hospital’s new ambulatory facility,” said my friend Jennifer. “The ambulatory service sounds wonderful! What is the catch? How much will the parents have to pay?”

“Pediatric care is a growing area of health care in the Indianapolis area,” said Dr. Robert Cassell. “We see children every day with special needs and conditions. Some are born with birth defects that require immediate surgery or costly medical treatment. Our emergency room staff handles calls about newborns with low birth weights, dehydration, and other life-threatening conditions.

“We treat children as unique individuals with varied needs,” said Dr. Rosemond Blau, a pediatrics specialist. “We work with our doctors and our families to find the best possible course of action for each child. Some children have behavioral problems. Others need more specialized medical care. All children are different and so are their needs.”

As a patient and/or care provider, you can be assured that the Indianapolis Pediatric Center is staffed by dedicated, caring professionals. Their warm, friendly, and helpful personnel make everyone at the facility feel welcome and part of a larger family. Jennifer had her son’s pediatric imaging done at the IMAGO Indianapolis Children’s Hospital. She said that it was great that all her children were seen together and that she could tell them what they were seeing on the screen and be able to explain the images. The staff also makes you feel comfortable knowing that your children are being taken care of right in front of you and that the staff strives to help each child meet his or her individual needs.

Dr. Mark Perlman is the Director of Education for IMAGO Indianapolis. He and his staff work hand-in-hand with the families and children. He explained that each child has his or her own individual requirements and it is up to the family or doctor to work closely with these requirements. It is important to remember that IMAGO Indianapolis is a specialty hospital. Therefore, all children who are seen there will be receiving the best in care.

The Indianapolis Pediatric Center prides itself on providing a safe, comfortable, and effective care for all children. Children who come here and receive all of the attention they deserve will grow up to be healthy, happy, and productive citizens of society. Because of this, it’s no wonder that this hospital is a top-rated hospital in the Indianapolis area. If you’re looking for a doctor who values education, compassion, innovation, and a commitment to service for all of the patients and their families, then you should definitely consider working at the IMAGO Indianapolis pediatrics center. You’ll be glad you did!