How to Choose the Best Professional Lawn Mower

When choosing a professional lawn mower, there are several factors that you should keep in mind. You need a mower that is strong, durable and easy to use. It also needs to be comfortable for you to handle all day. This is important whether you’re a series gardener or a professional who mows many different lawns.

Cutting Deck Materials

A professional lawn mower takes a lot of wear and tear, so it’s critical that it has a solid and sturdy deck made from either aluminium or steel. These metals won’t rust and are usually more durable than plastic-based decks. If you want to prevent your deck from rusting, always remove and dry it after every use.

Blade Height Range and Adjustment

Lawn mowers with a wide variety of cutting heights make it easier to cut grass at a variety of lengths. This is especially important for mowing around shrubs and trees, as well as in the corners of your yard. You can adjust the height of your lawn mower to the desired level using a single lever on most cylinder-type mowers.

Grass Collection Bag Size and Indicator

For large yards, it’s often helpful to have a lawn¬†best professional lawn mower with a larger grass collection bag that allows you to mow more quickly without having to empty the bag too frequently. For example, a bag that holds 85 liters or more will save you time and money by not having to go to the compost heap or van every time you’re done with your mowing.

The best professional mowers have a high-quality, long-lasting grass collection bag that can be easily removed for emptying and stored in your shed or garage after mowing. Some also have a built-in grass striper, which is a roller attached at the back that creates beautiful stripes when you mow.

Self-Propelled Speed Control

A good self-propelled mower makes mowing easy. A green knob in the middle of the handle clicks to indicate each speed increase, offering you steady control.

Some mowers, like the Ryobi Smart Trek, sense your walking pace and automatically adjust the self-propelled speed to match it. They also note inclines and boost rear-wheel power, letting you go faster with confidence.

Toro’s Personal Pace auto-drive feature is similar to Ryobi’s, but the difference is that the Toro is a bit more robust and uses rear wheels to help you maneuver over bumpy terrain and steep slopes.

Another good feature of professional lawn mowers is the ability to change their speeds with the press of a button or dial. Some have a “ready start” system that enables you to start them and walk away, so you can continue mowing even when the machine isn’t running.

You can also adjust the cutting height manually or use a handheld device to set it. Some models also have a tool-free deck lift that lets you adjust the deck height from above.

If you’re a pro who mows lawns often, you’ll likely need a professional lawn mower with a lot of power and durability. These mowers come in a wide range of widths and engine types, so you’re sure to find one that’s right for your job.