Why Local Movers Are Your Best Choice

Whether you’re moving across the block or across the city, local movers are your best choice for a fast, affordable move. Local moves typically stay within a 50 mile radius, so they’re often cheaper than long-distance moves. However, you should still be prepared for additional charges like long carry fees or elevator fees if the movers have to walk up and down flights of stairs. You may also need to purchase packing supplies like bubble cushion rolls, moving boxes and tape. You can also expect to pay hourly labor for help moving heavy items.

Local movers that are part of the Mayflower family of companies offer full-service moves for apartment dwellers and home owners alike. These companies will pack and transport your belongings, unpack and uninstall them in your new home, and dispose of any unwanted materials. They’re well-versed in parking regulations and traffic patterns in New York, so you don’t have to worry about navigating the city’s busy streets yourself. They can even handle specialty items like grandfather clocks or antique furniture.

Full-service local movers can also handle a variety of other tasks for you, such as cleaning and trash pick up. They can assist with organizing your new space, unpacking and reassembling your belongings, and uninstalling and relocating appliances and light fixtures. They’re also equipped to deal with any last-minute changes in your plans, such as unexpected repairs or weather issues.

If you’re a senior citizen, these local movers can assist with moving into an assisted living facility, retirement community or a new home. Their services can include pre-move assistance with packing and clean up, coordinating a moving day and helping seniors settle into their new homes.

In addition to their regular moving services, local movers can also offer storage solutions for your items. These storage facilities are usually located in the same area as your new home or apartment, and they’re often less expensive than traditional warehouses. Some of these facilities are even climate-controlled, which can protect your valuables from extreme temperatures.

If you’re looking for a local moving company, you should check out the reviews of each one before making a decision. Look for companies with a history of customer satisfaction, and ask them about their pricing and service guarantees. You should also ask about their liability options, so you know what to expect if something goes wrong on your moving day.