Wholesale Body Piercing Supplies

Wholesale Body Piercing

Wholesale Body Piercing supplies offer a variety of options for piercing jewelry. With a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials, you can find the right product to fit your shop. Purchasing from a reputable supplier can ensure your customers receive top-quality piercing supplies at a fair price. Read on for more tips and advice on how to choose wholesale body piercing supplies. And don’t forget to check the latest designs to make your clients happy.

Wholesale body piercing jewellery

When shopping for wholesale body piercing jewellery, you can be assured of high quality and low prices. You can find a huge selection of helix, tagus, belly, cartilage and tongue barbells from this reputable store. Everybodyjewelry has no minimum order and offers volume discounts. Free worldwide shipping is also available, making it a convenient choice. The store also offers a range of other body piercing supplies.

Developing a successful business in the body piercing industry requires a strong aesthetic. A unique piercing kit design and consistent branding and photography are essential wholesale jewelry vendors for success. Alternatively, if you have a larger budget, you can work with a designer to develop your brand and develop your wholesale body jewellery. Here are some useful tips to get started:

Shapes and sizes of body piercing jewelry

There are many different types of shapes and sizes of body piercing jewelry. You should discuss which design and style is best for you with your piercing professional. Some of the most popular pieces of body piercing jewelry are barbells, captive bead rings, navel curves, and plugs. Metals used to make body piercing jewelry include titanium, glass, and several types of plastic. Other materials include wood, silicone, fossilized ivory, bone, and titanium.

In addition to gauge, there are also sizes. A 16 gauge lobe can wear any type of jewelry, while a 20-gauge earlobe can only wear a push back stud or labret. However, a 20-gauge ear lobe can be stretched a few gauges in order to fit a smaller gauge. The size of a piercing is dependent on its gauge, so you may need to take some measurements before you get your piercing.

Infections caused by body piercings

Infections caused by wholesale body pierced jewelry can be quite common. When the skin around the piercing is not completely healed, dead skin cells can get caught in the hole. This can lead to a small pimple-like infection. A saline solution can help alleviate this problem, but you should never pop it because this can cause further infection. When in doubt, consult with a piercer.

Body piercings involve creating an opening in the skin or cartilage. They can be made on any part of the body, from the tongue to the genitals. Unfortunately, the process can also cause infections if they are not cleaned properly. Blood-borne diseases can be transmitted via unsterilized needles, instruments, and even clothing. The Hepatitis virus is one such disease that has the ability to survive on infected instruments for long periods of time.

Importance of consistent branding for piercing shops

While you can create a retail storefront for your piercing shop, most people will prefer to buy their body piercing supplies wholesale from a trusted boardinghouse or shop. While your own unique design will help you stand out from the crowd, consistency in branding is essential. For best results, consider collaborating with a professional designer. This way, you can ensure that your wholesale body jewelry is always branded and presents an appealing aesthetic.