Personal Injury Attorneys: The Firm

The Mike Morse law firm has been representing injured individuals in the Southfield-Lawton area of Michigan, including the cities of Lansing and Bloomfield Hills, since 1995. The lawyers represent individuals with claims regarding matters like vehicle accidents; trucking accidents; motorcycle accidents; animal attacks; bicycle accidents; construction site accidents; and other types of personal injury claims.

The legal team of the Mike Morse law firm is comprised of four attorneys, including one attorney who is the main lawyer of record for all of the personal injury cases handled by the firm. The firm is known for its dedication to the protection of victims of such accidents. It works closely with various insurance companies, as a result of which victims are able to receive adequate compensation for their pain and suffering.

The personal injury attorneys are known for their ability to provide victims with a speedy response and resolution to their claims. They are committed to working pro Bono for the clients and they do not charge any fees for providing this service to the victims.

The attorney team of the Mike Morse law firm has represented thousands of cases in courtrooms across Michigan. In some instances, victims have received substantial monetary compensation as a result of the services of these lawyers.

The legal team of the Mike Morse law firm is composed of some of the most experienced personal injury lawyers in the industry. These attorneys are extremely familiar with the legal issues surrounding motor vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents and other motor vehicle related accidents. The law firm employs the services of highly skilled medical professionals who provide comprehensive and effective personal injury legal representation.

In addition to having lawyers on staff, the Michael Morse law firm has also set up a website where you can research and review different personal injury claims that the firm represents. The law firm maintains a full-time team of legal professionals who strive to be the best in their field and provide you with the highest quality service in the courtrooms. By hiring an experienced personal injury attorney, you can get an award or settlement that will allow you to make positive changes to your life and to move forward with confidence.

The law firm was founded in 1997 by Michael Morse, who worked as an accident lawyer before he formed the law firm. Since then, the firm has seen rapid growth, and it continues to grow today. The firm has an office located in Lansing, Michigan, and it is committed to representing a variety of personal injury claims.

In the state of Michigan, the law firm is well known for its commitment to providing personal injury cases that are given the highest level of attention and care from the legal teams at the law firm. You can contact the law firm today to learn more about its various personal injury services and the firm’s track record of success.