How to Build a Kitchen Island With Storage

A kitchen island with storage is a nice addition to a kitchen but can be very expensive. However, you might be able to build one yourself and save money on the materials.

Wood is a material that will work well for a kitchen island with storage. If you choose a wood and stain it yourself, you can be very creative in the way it looks. The colors that you choose also have a great effect on the final product.

The type of wood you choose to use will depend on what kind of wood grain or color you prefer. For example, you could choose an oak or cherry based on the grain or the color of the wood. To make a top that you can sit on, use a frame or card for the floor. A metal or composite countertop would be the best choice if you do not want the sink area exposed.

Wood will have to be sanded after it has been stained and polished. You can stain the top before it is stained. This will give the finish a longer life span.

Wood stains are not necessary for a wood countertop but you will need to prime the wood with a polyurethane or epoxy based stain. It is important to have it completely dry before you lay the first boards down. This will help them sit properly. After they are laid, you can begin installing the shelves and cabinet spaces.

Follow the plans exactly as they are written. The instructions will tell you how to place the items you will be putting on the shelves and how to install the cabinets. By following the plans, you will know exactly how it should look.

Using the correct measurements is also very important when you are building a kitchen island with storage. Do not let any contractor put in a corner for an item that is too short. Measure carefully so that you do not end up wasting materials or time.

Once you have completed the project, make sure you test the shelves before you use them. Take the books on the shelf and have them sit on top of the shelves for a short period of time. Also, walk around the countertop and have someone see how well the shelves work. This will give you a good idea of how the shelves will look in your kitchen.

You can add spice racks and a dishwasher to a kitchen island with storage as well. Another thing to consider is to add one more shelf in the kitchen. If there is room for another rack, this will allow for an additional drawer space in the kitchen.

Once you have used up all the shelf space and the drawers are full, you will be left with the space for a microwave, stove, and refrigerator. Again, if you want to use the space for other items, use them in a kitchen island with storage. You can use the area for drying clothes, preparing food, preparing drinks, or storing stuff in the pantry.

Finally, you can put in cabinets for storing utensils and toys for children. It does not have to be the same sizes as the cabinets that you will find in a standard home but you can use the same color and style to match your island.

Building a kitchen island with storage will save you money and will make a great kitchen centerpiece. If you can follow the plans and follow the dimensions of the kitchen island with storage, you will have a great finished product that you can be proud of.