Beware Land Buyers With Immediate Response

Purchasing land can be an excellent investment, whether you’re looking to build a home or simply add property value. But before you begin the process, make sure to do your research and find a land professional with experience in the market. A good agent can help you navigate the intricacies of financing a land purchase — including zoning regulations, soil tests and survey requirements. You can also find a local builder who can guide you through the process of preparing the land for construction.

Regardless of how you Massachusetts Land Buyers with Immediate Response, the process is a lengthy one that requires careful research and planning. Some people even opt to have an experienced land consultant help them with their search, which can be a worthwhile expense. In addition, it’s best to pay cash if possible, so that you can avoid the interest rates and other expenses associated with a mortgage.

If you’re not able to pay in cash, you should have a financial plan in place for the purchase, including paying down other debts and saving enough to cover a large down payment. You should also factor in additional expenses such as property taxes and utility installation. Using an online loan calculator can help you determine your budget and how much money you’ll need to put down on the land.

Another consideration is the land’s access, which can be an issue with rural properties. The only way to get onto the property might be by crossing someone else’s land, and that person could require a right-of-way easement from you before the sale is finalized. Be sure to ask for this in writing and include it as a contingency in your purchase contract.

Beware Land Buyers with Immediate Response

Buying and selling land isn’t as easy as buying a home, which means that some unsavory individuals may take advantage of unsuspecting sellers. Be sure to vet buyers thoroughly before you sell by requesting proof of required real estate licenses and memberships, calling references and examining company records.

The National Association of Realtors also recommends that sellers use a trusted escrow service for remote closings on vacant land purchases. This will ensure that all parties follow state law and there’s a clear record of all transactions. And it will help protect your legal rights and resale value in the event of an unsatisfactory deal. In addition, a land investor should not request access to the title records of your property until the funds have cleared for transfer.