Pinch Valve – How to Choose the Right Pinch Valve

A pinch valve is a type of control valve that uses a pinching effect to block fluid flow. Its advantages include being inexpensive and easy to install, operate, and maintain. If you are considering purchasing one, you should know that there are many types to choose from. This article will help you make a decision.

Less expensive

If you are on a budget, you can buy a less expensive pinch valve. However, you must keep several factors in mind before choosing one. It is important to consider the operating pressure, flange size and temperature. These specifications will determine the type of valve you need. Generally, pinch valves operate in a temperature range from -100 to 550degF and up to 30 psig. Another important factor is the material. Some materials are more durable than others.

Pinch valves are usually made from flexible PVC or silicone tubing. This material is relatively inexpensive, but tends to wear out quickly. The more expensive elastomeric pinch valves have higher life ratings but also come with higher upfront costs.

Easy to install

Pinch valves are becoming a popular option for water and wastewater applications. They are easy to install and operate and require very little maintenance. They also offer 100% bubble tight shut-off. Many pinch valves are used for influent control, grit and sludge removal, sewage treatment, and the processing of food.

The body of the pinch valve is made of a molded sleeve of rubber or synthetic material. It houses the pinching mechanism and the rest of the operating parts are external to the valve and do not come into contact with the media. Pinch valves also have a reinforced fabric liner and smooth walls that minimize line vibration and turbulence. This makes the valve easy to install and maintain. The liner also does not require packing.

Easy to operate

An easy to operate pinch valve can be an excellent choice for industrial applications. This type of valve is not only easy to use but also has a long service life. The manual version is easily operated by hand and has a fully contained screw mechanism for opening and closing. Most manual pinch valves are pre-packed with grease to ensure long-lasting use and dependability. They can sit in the open or closed position for up to five years and still work just as smoothly as the day they left the factory.

The easy to operate pinch valve is designed for a variety of applications and materials. It is perfect for regulating aggressive fluids and abrasive media. Its simple, split-body design is easy to maintain. This type of valve requires very low maintenance, requires no calibration and guarantees 100% tight shutoff. It is also ideal for industries where there is a high level of solids in the flow.