How to Find the Best Piano Movers

A piano is a massive, heavy instrument that requires professional expertise and equipment to move. While it is possible for someone to move their own piano, it is often cheaper and less stressful to hire a specialized moving company to transport the instrument to their new home. In addition, the best piano movers will also provide liability insurance to protect customers in case the instrument sustains damage during transit.

The average price for a piano move depends on the size and distance of the relocation, as well as any structural challenges such as flights of stairs. Piano movers typically charge either an hourly or flat rate to cover the time spent relocating the instrument. The type of piano and any extra services required such as disassembly, packing, or unpacking can also add to the cost.

Before hiring a piano mover, it’s essential to read a number of customer reviews on the company’s website and elsewhere online. While it is normal for some reviews to be negative, a pattern of consistent bad reviews should raise red flags.

When evaluating reviews, look for details such as the professionalism of the piano movers, how quickly the company responded to customer concerns, and whether the company offered fair pricing. It is also helpful to check if the movers are licensed and insured.

There are several options for hiring a piano moving company, including full-service providers and a referral service that connects people with local companies. Full-service providers, such as Allied, offer wrapping and packing services for an additional fee. They also use shipment weight and mileage to calculate their quotes. In some cases, a representative will conduct a virtual survey of the property to get a more accurate estimate.

Allied also offers storage-in-transit and long-term storage for customers who need it before their move is complete. The company’s storage-in-transit service is climate-controlled to prevent damage caused by humidity changes.

Other specialty moving services include crated storage and disassembly of pianos, as well as a full range of residential and commercial moves. Its team of experienced movers is known for treating their clients with respect and attention to detail, as well as offering flexible pricing options. Its flexible plans allow customers to customize their services according to their specific needs and budgets.

For individuals looking to relocate a piano in the United States, American Van Lines is a good choice. The company’s expert movers can disassemble and pack your piano, as well as wrap and secure it to ensure its safe arrival at its new home. Its specialized teams are trained in handling delicate and antique items, and the company’s liability insurance covers any damage that occurs during transport. Its rates are competitive, and the company’s website features a live tracking tool to help keep you informed of the status of your shipment.