Hip Hop Jewelry

If you are looking for some hip hop jewelry, you may have already heard of Rapper Lil Uzi, Migos and JBW. You might have also seen their name on jewelry pieces, but do not know which one is the right choice for you. Today, you can wear Hip Hop jewelry as a tribute to your favorite artist, without worrying about the high prices. Here are some tips to help you choose the best jewelry for you!

Rapper Lil Uzi

One of the hottest new rappers is wearing an encrusted diamond on his forehead, but how did he get such an extravagant piece? Apparently, the rapper commissioned a piece of jewelry from a New York-based jeweler. According to Simon Babaev, who spoke on behalf of Eliott Eliantte, Lil Uzi approached the jeweler in 2017 and fell in love with the stone. He contacted Eliantte & Co about placing it on his forehead.


The rap group Migos is gearing up to release a docuseries on YouTube about tennis chains hip hop jewelry. The rappers are known for flashing gaudy diamond-encrusted chains. The new series will also feature guest rap artists, including Lil Baby, A$AP Ferg, Slick Rick, and Lil Yachty. Other artists who will appear in the docuseries include art historians and celebrity jewelers.


The JBW brand is synonymous with quality hip hop jewelry. Made from imitation metals, these trendy pieces are durable and stylish. Hip hop jewelry is a staple of hip hop culture and is popular with both young and old people. Although JBW watches are not as expensive as some of their competitors, they are still quite affordable. The company also offers extended warranties that can last up to thirty days after the initial purchase. The prices of the warranty vary, depending on the style of the item.

Michael Kors

Hip hop culture has long influenced the fashion industry and Michael Kors has created pieces that reflect this lifestyle. In addition to his signature line of hip hop jewelry, Michael Kors has a line of accessories ranging from watches to eyewear and footwear. The designer has even designed clothing for celebrities such as Michelle Obama, Melania Trump, and Kate Middleton. Michael Kors also offers fragrances, ready-to-wear options, and wearable technologies.


The founders of GLD hip hop jewelry are a long list of stars and sports figures. The company’s founders, Daniel Johnston and Dan Folger, met as children and both wanted nice jewelry. The concept proved so popular that GLD has since expanded into a celebrity line. Its products are high-quality and many stars have been spotted wearing the jewelry. Its Instagram presence has been instrumental to the brand’s rapid growth. The brand even collaborates with major sports teams and has limited edition pennants featuring their logo.